A complimentary half-hour with a member of our professional performance development practice will ensure a good fit with our respective teams.  This isn't for everybody.  In fact, most (over two thirds) of business executives will never attain their potential performance.   We'll know in a half-hour if you are ready to move with us, and provide you an idea of your investment. 


Our professional performance partners will meet with your executive team in a three hour workshop to uncover:
Your value proposition(s).
Your customer segments and relationships.
Your key resources, partners and activities.
The channels, cost structures and revenue streams uniquely available to you.

Sample Chart in Workshop

Competency and Connections Assessment

With a Malcolm Baldridge oriented assessment of your organizations effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability, you'll be instantly in touch with the areas your organization is at its best...and the areas not so much.   Individual assessments will uncover the unique genius your people bring to the organization and ensure that their role is leveraging that genius and isn't dependent upon potential blind spots.  As is often said, it's not what you know but who you know.  To this end the team will determine connections in your current efforts and the possibilities before you to leverage your social capital in a way that will quickly validate your market assessment and plans. 

Business Process Improvement

Peter Drucker said, "bad processes kill good people."  If your processes are misaligned with your strategy, or if they worked in one market arena but have not been vetted in another, together we will ensure the critical paths of work toward your goal are in the right direction, meet the stringent criteria of time tested LEAN and SIX SIGMA models and are designed with your sustainability in mind. 

Human Development

Our team will reinforce or develop the attributes in your staff that have, in thousands of assessments, proven to be responsible for the highest performing individuals and teams.   Through a series of psychometric evaluation, instructional texts and audio content and a proven process of spaced repetition with alignment to daily behavior will ensure the positive behavior changes necessary for the improved results you seek. 

Workshop Details and Deliverable

Our workshop will expand your framework of possibilities, help you visualize what's possible with your team by analyzing a number of core business characteristics, similar to those that you will include in your business plan.  As an example, our own workshop resulted in the video you see here, which, in addition to showing you how our process looks, will inform you of what our group can do for you.  The deliverable of our workshop is a similar online accessible chart that we develop together, in addition to a written outline for you to use in the next step. 


Competency and Connections Assessment Details and Deliverable

Getting from what we think we know about our organization to what is actually true is something best done in partnership.  Your executive team and other innovative subject matter experts in your organization work with our team of business performance developers with decades of experience across more than 50 industries to validate what you think you know with specific and demonstrable proof of your competencies and connections you can leverage for success in your transformation.  The deliverable of this phase is a Situational Overview and Directional Recommendation, this describes what we've found about where you are, where you should be, the gaps between here and there and the processes we will apply to your personnel and processes to ensure you get there. 

Business Process Improvement Details and Deliverable

Our Directional Recommendation will specify the business process for which you and your leadership team as well as those who are closest to the process will spend a week evaluating the process value states and chain, determining where there is excessive waste and time and visualizing an ideal state to which the process can aspire.  Leveraging the best practices of LEAN and Six Sigma methodologies without the burdensome overhead, your team in a week will uncover and realize the right way to do the right things at the right time.  In addition we'll identify and document the process' customers and suppliers so that exploration into how external organizations and factors will impact and can be advantageous toward the process sustainability. The deliverable from this phase is a charter and comprehensive procedure your team owns to improve the process starting the very next week.

Human Development Details and Deliverable

Next we ensure that you have the right people doing the right actions and in the right ways.   Assessing the unique genius with EEOC and BOL validated psychometric assessments will provide a comprehensive report of the attributes necessary for success in each required role and list attributes for which reinforcement or development, in the form of thorough and effective adult learning content delivered in a regimen of spaced repetition, accountability management and follow-up coaching that will fold learning into new behaviors and consequently improved results. An average of 10 weeks of coursework is followed by two phases of weekly then monthly coaching to deliver what many have called, "the best year of their lives."