Adam Pressman

Adam Pressman Photo

Adam Pressman’s last three decades have been spent helping people make useful sense of complex systems in technology and organizations.  Comfortable in a board room or a data center he has routinely exceeded expectations.  Leveraging the art of the possible in IT, the proven in business management and the innovative practice of an intrepid sea captain, naval officer, and creative musician; Mr. Pressman has partnered with clients to provide dramatic increase in financial performance, management effectiveness, customer fanaticism and growth.

 A proven record as a skilled public speaker, an authority in Information Technology, and an excellent facilitator allows Mr. Pressman to build self-sustaining teams and help clients grow revenues while improving alignment of their strategy, processes and people all focused on the customer.  His ability to get results quickly and consistently, to find new ideas to complement his entrepreneurial experience and an instinct for what will sell, inspires others to top performance, opens new markets,  improves profits and enhances corporate image.

Mr. Pressman will also help you ensure the right technology is being used by the right people, in the right way, at the right time and for the right results.  There is a lot that technology can do to help and lots more that it can do to impede your success.   Mr. Pressman is your partner to chart and sail the right course.

 Mr. Pressman built a cross functional team at MCI who implemented sweeping changes, established new standards, mitigated risk and minimized liability, formulated top policy and installed superior controls. A likeable, friendly, but persistent approach combined with natural skills as a negotiator and motivator inspired the team to lead a major expansion from a few dozen customers to several hundred.  A creative and conceptual thinker, Mr. Pressman routinely expanded his contribution at MCI and consistently found new alternatives and synthesized diverse ideas establishing a highly organized response to managing risk and maintaining profit for the MCI Government Markets team. 

 Performing against tight deadline Mr. Pressman inspired others and provided hands on assistance to assure authority to operate the U.S. Government information systems networks for over a dozen civilian and defense agencies.  His team achieved authority to operate the ambitious Defense Research Engineering Network in an unprecedented 30 days. Relating easily to people at all levels and able to quickly win cooperation combined with expert skills as a troubleshooter / problem solver who drives "out-of-box" thinking the team overcame diverse challenges effectively and profitably.

 Mr. Pressman serves on the Board of Managers of the St. Andrew’s Society of Washington DC, one of the oldest such organizations, focused on charity and education, in the Western Hemisphere.  Mr. Pressman is also a plank-holding board member of the Mid Atlantic Scots for Tots and a founding member of the Institute for Sustainability, a center of excellence in holistic sustainability for businesses and organizations.  He also serves on the Non-Profit Initiatives, Loudoun Green and Technical Committees of the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce.

An established author and thought-leader, Mr. Pressman has authored numerous articles on sustainability, leadership, business management and related topics and is a coauthor of A Common Sense Approach to Sustainability (ISBN 978-0-615-11139-1) 2011.